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Frequently Asked Questions

For Buyers

Is the site free to use?

Yes, it is free to browse the websites for sale and to contact the website owners.

Do I have to register to use the site?

You don't need to register to browse the current listings - but registering will give you access to advanced features. You will need to register to list websites or domains for sale. Registration is free.

How can I ensure a website for sale is legitimate?

We encourage all buyers to do their own diligence when purchasing a website. PrestigeWebsiteBroker is a marketplace, but we do not, and cannot, thoroughly investigate every website that is listed. As with any marketplace, it is your responsibility to protect yourself throughout your transaction.

For Sellers

What does it cost to list a website for sale?

Free listings are available for 1 week. We also offer premiere listings starting at $150 for six months and $249 for one year

Do I have to pay a commission to sell my website?

No, the only fee you pay is the initial listing fee. You do not owe us anything when you successfully sell your website

What are Premiere Listings?

Our Premiere Listing option gives better exposure to your website and domain name for sale. We currently offer a 6 months to a year premium listing package for less than a dollar a day, giving exposure of your site for sale to thousands of potential buyers. Premiere listings will appear in our "Premiere Listing Section" and will also appear at the top of their respective categories. Furthermore, the listings for Premiere Listings are bolder and stand out more than regular listings. Premiere Listings get clicked on much more often than regular listings.


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